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ICBC Argentina 3 Month Term Deposit

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3 month
Oct 2018


  • Q: Please reply me how to create an account and deposit there.

    Reply HAMID from Lahore, Pakistan
    • R: I've been to Argentina..... forget it, it's a black market currency exchange country. 10 to 1 for us dollar in banks and 14 to 1 conversion with taxi driver. Its madness, govt controlled and hard work to get us dollars out of banks. Good luck

      Reply Richard
  • Q: i am from india how can i fixdiposit in your bank for 1 year tarm & conditions

    Reply amit from Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Q: how I open investment acc in argentina banks

    Reply ELIAS from Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Q: Does ICBC have bank account deposit insurance?

    Reply JAY from Englewood, United States
  • Q: I am from bahrain if i invest 770 us dollar for three years hiw much the intrest will be each munth how much i can get and what the rules to open an account with you

    Reply Ali from Bahrain
  • Q: I'm sorry. This can't be real. There's no way a bank can be profitable while giving people returns as high as 23.25% a MONTH. What would prevent someone from depositing $100,000 in September, withdrawing $23,250 in October, then withdrawing $23,250 in November, etc., etc? It's ludicrous. So I presume I'm misunderstanding what it means when it says there's a monthly rate of 23.25%. I'd appreciate it if someone could enlighten me. Also, I am in a state of equally potent disbelief regarding the yearly rate of 28.5%. What I'm thinking is you deposit your $100,000 then a year later you would essentially have to go through a band of Argentinian gangsters wearing red HSBC shirts, ski masks, and holding AK47's, and they won't give you your $28,500 until you give them your little sister. Either that, or the bank collapses. Are you telling me there are people in Argentina who are willing to borrow money at a rate high enough to offset the 28.5% I would get every YEAR? If I'm not seeing things correctly because I'm blinded by the .000000025% interest rates they give us in the U.S., I would very much appreciate someone pointing out my ignorance.

    Reply Adam from Wallingford, United States
    • R: You are simultaneously wrong and correct. Here is how it all shakes out. The bank has a minimum of 200,000 pesos as the initial deposit ( about $ 13600 in US Dollars at present give or take a bit ). They will indeed give you that crazy high rate of return of about 23% ( Which is an annual and not a montlhy rate by the way ) but here is the rub - - they will pay you back in one year with super devalued Argentine Pesos. You will gain not the 23,250 US dollars but 23% more Argentine Pesos. When you go to convert these into US dollars you get slapped not only with a charge for the exchange but also get a bad exchange rate. Let say you dump the equivalent of $100 K i nUS Dollars there and take it out in a year - -the gains you made will be largely wiped out by the currency conversion and the new worsened exchange rate. The reason banks in unstable countries offer these high rates is because they need cash for short term use,knowing that the exchange rate is likely to wipe out most foreign investor gains. If you live in the same country you would benefit a bit but again you would still have to deal with crazy high inflation rates

      Reply Peter
      • R: thank u for explaining so nicely, people might think where is the catch, even though interest rate is great but investing in it would be a very big gamble, specially to those countries who are devaluing their money.

        Reply shawon
  • Q: I like to open a non resident savings account in Australlian dollars.What would be my inrerest rate after usual deduction, How far the money is safe?

    Reply Md.Golam from Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Q: if I place £100.000 in a deposit account what rate will I i get for the year. also how am I protected if the bank goes bankrupt is it protected could you send me relavent info on this please many thanks

    Reply andrew from Tipton, United Kingdom
    • R: if I open up the highest rate account will my money be insurance under international banking laws.

      Reply john
    • R: first you have to convert the pounds to peso to get the high interest rates. according to hsbc argentina wesite they are offering 20% annual rates for peso deposits. also its safe to deposit with international bank like HSBC

      Reply Rizwan
      • R: Hi i am from malaysia. Can i get best rate cash deposit? do i can open in my country dont need go argentina.?

        Reply hong
  • Q: I am from india.. i need some informations ... plz can you tell me if i deposit 3000000 rupess any argentina bank so how much can i get intrest rate .... and can i do it like this plz inform to me ... i will wait sir ....

    Reply Jathu from Melbourne, Australia
  • Q: Please enlighten me as to which procedure I would need to follow if I would like to open a bank account seeing as I'm a foreigner (currently living in Canada). And what would be the interest rate offered if I invested in USD.

    Reply Max from Repentigny, Canada
  • Q: Good day im from kuwait and nationlity is kuwaiti i was wondering i can open a fixed depost account in Argentine or should i be foreigner ? and which banks are safe and what will the fixed depost interst rate be ?

    Reply Hamad from Kuwait

    Reply SAMMY from South Korea
    • R: 1.How to open fixed deposit account at Agentina 2.I from Malaysia , can I open Fixed deposit account and gain 30% interest?

      Reply Nazri
  • Q: I am from pakistan .... i need some informations ... plz can you tell me if i deposit 5000000 rupes in any argentina bank so how much can i get intrest rate .... and can i do it like this plz inform to me ... i will wait sir ....

    Reply Muhammad from Romania
  • Q: I am a United States citizen looking to open a high interest fixed deposit account for 1+ years to receive the high interest rates on my money. I am not familiar with all the laws surrounding no citizens opening bank accounts in Argentina and need some assistance to complete this process to open an account.

    Reply Colin from United States
    • R: I have the same intentions and questions as Colin and need bank assistance. Please contact me by email. Thank you.

      Reply Jay
  • Q: Whats the best rate you can do for one month deposit?

    Reply Colby from Melbourne, Australia
  • Q: So I am looking at your deposit interest rates and pardon mt my math, but to make sure If I deposited 100,000 for one year and because of you 3.25% interest rate for savings I would have 103,250 by the end of it right? Please answer ASAP. Oh and by the way I am a US citizen and want to deposit us money.

    Reply Matthew from Provo, United States
    • R: You never want to deposit US Dollars in a foreign bank account... government can easily exchange the money for you without your permission... it doesn't happen much but it's a big possibility... the best thing to do is go down there in a vacation and take a look around.. I live on the interest rates for about 4 years before in iran...

      Reply Mohammad M
      • R: Hi , are you iranian as you mentioned you were getting interest from iranian bank , Because i am iranian and i put my money in iranian bank but now i am a bit concern if the intrest rate go down as they mentioned , i am looking fo the way to survive my money and looking for a safe bank to invest my money

        Reply Homa