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ICBC Argentina Interest RatesICBC Argentina is a bank in Argentina that had recently changed its name and ownership from Standard Bank Argentina (South Africa Standard Bank Group) to the worlds largest bank, the Chinese Industrial & Commercial Bank of China with the transaction completed in 2011... read more

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  • Q: How can I invest into Argentina fixed depositas a foreigner? But I live in Asia. I can open $200000. Thanks

    ReplyAlicia from Singapore, Singapore
  • Q: Dear Sir, I come from Taiwan.I am interested in high deposit rates of ICBC bank, could you let me know how to open a account? What kinds of doc. needed? Thanks.RegardsAndy

    ReplyChen from Taiwan
  • Q: I am in india can i deposit in argentina bank will i get above 30%interest and will it can from time to time, is there any tax fee or any thing else to worry and is it completely safe please help me anyone please

    ReplyVikram from Mumbai, India

ICBC Argentina Discussion Activity

  • ICBC Argentina 1 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Is it possible to open an account and invest in an ICB Argentina 1 year term deposit from Hong Kong or Australia? Or is it restricted to Argentinian citizens?

    Stephanie from Hong Kong
  • ICBC Argentina 1 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: if i deposit 1 million USD for 1 year term deposit in argentina, then how much money will i be withdrawing after the end of term. afterdeducting tax or other banking charges if any.

    gauravnagori from New Delhi, India
  • ICBC Argentina 6 Month Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: how much do i need to invest in term depositfor 1 year or 6 month is there any mimimum amount i need to put please let me knowfor eg. 100,000 peso or less

    jagdish hoonjan from Kolkata, India