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The Argentinian economy with a population of 40.1 Million (Est 2010 census) ranks 22nd in the world with a GDP PPP of 632 billion and GDP PPP per capita of 15,854 vs 47,284 (United States) according to the IMF in 2010.Its currency the Argentine Peso (ARS). Bank deposits held for a fixed term in Argentina are called 'Plazos Fijos' or term deposits in english. According to its inflation was 16% in 2009 and 22% in 2010.(CIA Data indicates that this apparently derived from private estimates)

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Showing rates for 7 Bank deposit providers in Argentina.
Banco De La Nacion ArgentinaBanco De La Nacion Argentina6271891Local
Banco Santander RioBanco Santander Rio333Foreign
ICBC ArgentinaICBC Argentina1932012Foreign
Citi ArgentinaCiti Argentina741914Foreign
HSBC ArgentinaHSBC ArgentinaForeign
Banco CredicoopBanco Credicoop1979Local
Banco GaliciaBanco Galicia1905Local

Argentina Discussion Activity

  • Deposits
    Q: I am from bahrain if i invest 770 us dollar for three years hiw much the intrest will be each munth how much i can get and what the rules to open an account with you

    Ali from Bahrain
  • Deposits
    Q: I'm sorry. This can't be real. There's no way a bank can be profitable while giving people returns as high as 23.25% a MONTH. What would prevent someone from depositing $100,000 in September, withdrawing $23,250 in October, then withdrawing $23,250 in November, etc., etc? It's ludicrous. So I presume I'm misunderstanding what it means when it says there's a monthly rate of 23.25%. I'd appreciate it if someone could enlighten me. Also, I am in a state of equally potent disbelief regarding the yearly rate of 28.5%. What I'm thinking is you deposit your $100,000 then a year later you would essentially have to go through a band of Argentinian gangsters wearing red HSBC shirts, ski masks, and holding AK47's, and they won't give you your $28,500 until you give them your little sister. Either that, or the bank collapses. Are you telling me there are people in Argentina who are willing to borrow money at a rate high enough to offset the 28.5% I would get every YEAR? If I'm not seeing things correctly because I'm blinded by the .000000025% interest rates they give us in the U.S., I would very much appreciate someone pointing out my ignorance.

    Adam from Wallingford, United States
  • Banco De La Nacion Argentina
    Q: Could I take out a home mortgage loan through your bank as an american?

    Brian from La Center, United States